2020 CTA Challenge — July Newsletter — Mid-Year Update

CTA Challenge – Halfway Through 2020

After we finished out June, I took a pause to fully evaluate the good, the bad and the ugly for the first half of 2020. I was pleasantly surprised to find there was a lot more classified as good than not. Let’s examine some key findings among the 115 participating programs in the 2020 CTA Challenge, as of June 30.

Good: A whopping 75% of participating programs have outperformed the S&P 500 Index in the first half of 2020. Over half of the participating programs have positive performance year-to-date. 20 programs are up more than 10% year-to-date in gross performance (before management and incentive fees).

Bad:  25% of the participating programs have under-performed the S&P 500 Index in the first half of 2020. 12 programs are down more than -10% year-to-date in gross performance.

Ugly: 10 CTA programs closed down for good in the first half of 2020, citing poor performance or assets dropping below a sustainable level.

Beating the stock market benchmark has been difficult for any trader in any asset class over the last 12 years. Seeing 3/4 of our CTA Challenge participants do that during the first half of 2020, when investors need positive performance more than ever, is a testament to the managed futures asset class as part of a properly diversified investment portfolio.

To better navigate this landscape, interested investors should contact a Coquest representative with any questions on accessing Managed Futures.

Please note that Managed Futures investments and trading in futures, in general, can carry leverage and a high degree of risk. It is not suitable for all investors. See the full disclosure notice at the bottom of this newsletter. And, as always, past performance is not indicative of future results.


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2020 CTA Challenge:
Top 5 Ranking Through The End Of June

#1: AG Capital Investments LLC / Discretionary Global Macro Program
#2: Cayler Capital LLC / Systematic Diversified Energy Strategy *QEP*
#3: Breakout Funds LLC / Breakout Strategy *QEP*
#4: Revolution Capital Management LLC / Alpha Program *QEP*
#5: Balorca Capital LLC / Strategic I Program

See the full current rankings here.


Featured CTA

Persistent Capital Management
Tennessee-based Persistent Capital Management offers a long-term, diversified, systematic, trend-following program that trades 50 futures markets worldwide in 7 sectors. Its goal is to provide investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns that are independent of traditional asset classes.


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Traders Fulcrum is an informal networking group of over 2,000 Chicago-area Traders, Alternative Investment Fund Managers, Asset Allocators and other Money Management professionals who get together to hoist a few beers and talk shop. Meetings occur about once every quarter with an average of 200 attendees.



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