2020 CTA Challenge: December Newsletter

2020 CTA Challenge – Home Stretch

The 2020 CTA Challenge is in its final month of evaluation. From January 1 until the end of November, the rankings have seen quite a few changes; there is still a chance for almost any participant to have big move in December. We will be watching closely, as should you, to see how this final month pans out for our investment program participant leaderboard.

**Some notes about declaring the 2020 CTA Challenge winner:

  • The final top 10 rankings will not be published until late January.
  • The data from the entire 2020 year will be re-evaluated completely for all participating programs to ensure no calculation errors or data anomalies are present.
  • Badge awards for the top five ranked programs will be distributed on the same day official 2020 rankings are published.
  • Any and all inquiries about the calculations used, the ranking explanation, the awards issued or what the winners can expect for 2021 should be directed to to the CTA Challenge team at Coquest by calling 1-214-580-4220.

Thank you to all who have participated!