2020 CTA Challenge — November Commentary

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Registration is Open For The 2021 CTA Challenge!

Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) who are interested in participating in the 2021 CTA Challenge should contact Coquest now to get your program registered. The registration period closes December 4, 2020.

There is no cost to register or participate. The CTA Challenge is a year-long campaign which aims to evaluate and promote best-of-breed CTA Programs. The CTA Challenge provides active risk-adjusted rankings, based on daily data and analysis, and distributes the results to investors around the globe. Participants in the 2020 CTA Challenge that are still operating will be automatically enrolled for next year.

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Of the 115 programs in the 2020 CTA Challenge, we have seen performance range from -53% to +69% ROR since January 1 (gross performance numbers), as of the end of September. Just like the futures market prices, the performance moves for CTA managed futures programs have been all over the place. The unpredictable nature of market price moves, both in direction and size, require CTAs to employ hefty risk controls if they want to protect their customers from large losses in the investment accounts.

In the CTA Challenge, we take a risk-adjusted approach to analyzing and ranking CTA programs to ensure we are evaluating performance and risk numbers achieved as well as performance and risk exposures. We are evaluating “what actually happened” and also looking at “what could have happened”. See below for the most recent top 5 ranked programs year-to-date in the CTA Challenge.

To better navigate this landscape, interested investors should contact a Coquest representative with any questions on accessing Managed Futures.

Please note that Managed Futures investments and trading in futures, in general, can carry leverage and a high degree of risk. It is not suitable for all investors. See the full disclosure notice at the bottom of this newsletter. And, as always, past performance is not indicative of future results.

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2020 CTA Challenge:

Top 5 Ranking Through The End Of October

#1: AG Capital Investments LLC / Discretionary Global Macro Program
#2: Breakout Funds LLC / Breakout Strategy *QEP*
#3: Revolution Capital Management LLC / Alpha Program *QEP*
#4: Teza Capital Management LLC / Systematic Macro Program *QEP*
#5: Metolius Capital LLC / Diversified Systematic Global Macro *QEP*

See the full current rankings here.

CTAs interested in participating, or investors interested in learning more about CTAs and Managed Futures investment strategies, should contact Coquest and the CTA Challenge by clicking here.


Featured CTA

Ditsch Trading, LLC has been a Commodity Trading Advisor since November 2015. Ditsch Trading uses a discretionary futures strategy that focuses on agricultural markets – mainly soybean and corn contracts. The program trades on a fundamental basis utilizing a proprietary methodology to identify potential trading opportunities, and is almost always involved in the markets. Ditsch Trading is comfortable trading both sides of the futures and options markets.

Visit CoquestTradersResearch.com to learn more about this CTA and to become a premium member of the site.


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