Coquest Call: 2021 CTA Challenge Participants

2021 CTA Challenge: Participants Announced


For the 2021 CTA Challenge, we are tracking 114 liquid alternative investment programs. The asset managers, officially referred to as Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) trade exclusively in futures markets. All provide Coquest access to view live investment accounts for daily transparency of all trading activity and program performance. This year’s CTA Challenge includes 30 programs. They include established institutional managers and newer, emerging managers.

To see the complete list of participants for 2021, please visit the CTA Challenge website at

Final Evaluations Underway for 2020

Some notes about declaring the 2020 CTA Challenge winner:

  • The final top 10 rankings will be published in late January.
  • Data from the entire 2020 year will be re-evaluated completely for all participants to ensure no calculation errors or data anomalies are present.
  • Badge awards for the top five ranked programs will be distributed on the same day official 2020 rankings are published.
  • All inquiries about the calculations used, the ranking explanation, the awards issued, or what the winners can expect for 2021 are welcome. They should be directed to the CTA Challenge team at Coquest by calling 1-214-580-4220.

About The CTA Challenge

The CTA Challenge is a year-long research campaign that aims to evaluate and promote best-of-breed Managed Futures investment products. The CTA Challenge provides active risk-adjusted rankings, based on daily data and analysis. It distributes the results to investors around the globe. There is no cost to register or participate.

We take a risk-adjusted approach to analyzing and ranking CTA programs. Therefore, we evaluate both performance and risk numbers and performance and risk exposures. So, we look at “what actually happened” as well as “what could have happened.” Below are the most recent top 5 ranked programs year-to-date in the CTA Challenge.


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To learn more about the investment programs participating in the CTA Challenge, or others that are performing well in this current environment, please contact Coquest by clicking here or calling 214-580-4220.

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2020 CTA Challenge:

Top 5 Ranking Through The End Of November

#1: AG Capital Investments LLC / Discretionary Global Macro Program

#2: Revolution Capital Management LLC / Alpha Program *QEP*

#3: Breakout Funds LLC / Breakout Strategy *QEP*

#4: Teza Capital Management LLC / Systematic Macro Program *QEP*

#5: Balorca Capital LLC / Strategic I Program

See the full current rankings here.

CTAs interested in participating, or investors interested in learning more about CTAs and Managed Futures investment strategies, should contact Coquest and the CTA Challenge by clicking here.

Featured CTA

Revolution Capital Management LLC, a Denver-based alternative investment money manager, strives to provide diversification of returns within the managed futures space. The majority of commodity trading advisors (CTAs) pursue some type of trend-following strategy. As a result, Revolution’s goal is to offer complementary products with varying degrees of target correlations to trend-exploiting strategies. By maintaining a focus on developing programs with low correlations to other offerings, Revolution can potentially provide significant benefits to the risk-adjusted characteristics of most managed-futures portfolios.



Featured Sponsor

Gemini Alternative Funds, LLC services the investment community as a Managed Account Platform (Galaxy Plus) and works with dedicated managed accounts and co-mingled funds, as well as a structured product platform sponsor. Galaxy Plus provides a comprehensive platform of centralized operational services and distribution of products. The operational services provided directly by Galaxy Plus include transparency, uniform operational setup, risk and guideline management, and liquidity enhancements.



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CTA Challenge 2020 – Winners Announced
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