Abraham Trading Company LP

Abraham Diversified Program


Methodology: Systematic
Strategy: Trend / Momentum
Sub-Strategy: Medium Term
Market Focus: Diversified


Strategy Description

At its core, the Abraham Diversified Program is a systematic trend-following strategy, and has been ever since its inception in 1988. Originally the strategy utilized a single long-term trend-following model, but has since evolved to include shorter-term momentum and mean reversion components which help to diversify the program’s sources of return and dampen volatility. The strategy trades a broad and diverse group of markets, with more than 50% of long-term risk budgeted to commodity markets and the remainder to financials.

Risk Management

Risk is managed primarily via volatility filtering and position sizing. The program’s volatility filter evaluates the strength of trends versus recent volatility, and seeks to avoid trades where the potential risk/reward profile is unattractive. Individual markets are assigned dynamic position limits based upon recent volatility and correlations to other markets. This maximum position size can only be reached if all of the signals associated with that market are pointing in the same direction, and the program‚ as risk/reward filter indicates that the trade is favorable. Position sizes will be reduced if volatility and/or correlations increase, or if the trade‚ as expected return declines relative to recent volatility.

General Information

Management Fee: 2.00%                          Typical Trade Duration: 3 Weeks
Performance Fee: 20.00%                        Round Turns per Million: 1,700
Manager Assets: $219,450,000               Typical Margin‐to‐Equity: 5-15%
Strategy Assets: $0                                   Managed Account Minimum: $2,000,000

Performance Statistics

Date Range: 01/88 – 07/19                          Maximum Drawdown: -35.08%
Annualized ROR: 13.08%                             Sharpe Ratio (0% RFR): 0.46
Standard Deviation: 28.67%                        Correlation to S&P 500: -0.06

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