Coquest Inc. 2019 CTA Challenge Winners Announced Recognizing Excellence in Investment Management

Coquest Inc., an Institutional Brokerage and Alternative Investment consulting firm serving multi-national corporations, institutions and energy marketers, has determined the finalists in its 7th annual CTA Challenge, a competition evaluating and ranking investment programs in the managed futures asset class.

Coquest announces today that Quantica Capital AG is the winner of the 2019 CTA Challenge, beating out the other 89 participating Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) programs for the year. Quantica’s Managed Futures Program finished 2019 with more than +20% rate of return for the year with a standard deviation (or volatility) under 10%. These metrics, combined with others, help attribute to the overall success of Quantica’s program in the 2019 CTA Challenge. Full metrics for Quantica, along with extensive review and commentary, can be found in the members section of Registration on this site is free, fast and easy, but is required for compliance purposes on qualified investment products.

Established in 2013, the CTA Challenge leverages Coquest evaluation tools to unveil the best of breed managed futures investment programs through performance-based, position-based, and risk-consideration criteria used in order to achieve returns.

“The CTA Challenge was born of the realization that almost all managed futures award ranking groups focused solely on rate of return (ROR) as the driver for quality. We found that single metric to tell only half the story,” said Mike Lock, Director of Brokerage at Coquest. “The managed futures strategy class inherently includes the calculated use of leverage, which can cause ROR numbers to be grossly skewed in favor of extremely high leverage, and thus high-risk programs. Creating a ranking mechanism that normalizes the leverage and risk against ROR, giving way to a risk-adjusted evaluation, was our focus that evolved into the CTA Challenge.”

Participants are limited to professionally organized and registered money management firms that can take on customer investments in separately managed accounts, trading solely in the futures markets. This year’s top finalists are:

1.    Quantica Capital AG [Managed Futures Program]
2.    County Cork LLC [Acclivity Program]
3.    FORT LP [Global Contrarian Program]
4.    Automation Trading LLC [Diversified Program]
5.    AG Capital Investments LLC [Discretionary Global Macro Program]

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