Coquest Inc. Celebrates 30-Year Milestone, Forecasts Firm Growth Trajectory in Futures

Coquest Inc., an Institutional Brokerage serving multi-national corporations, institutions and energy marketers, celebrated its 30-year milestone as an industry leader while forecasting its vision for strategic growth in the futures space.

After working on the New York Mercantile Exchange, John Vassallo and Dennis Weinmann founded Coquest Inc. in Dallas, Texas.  The firm started with two main goals: work with oil and gas companies to help structure and execute their hedging programs (like they were doing in NYC) and embark on the  managed futures side of the commodities business so that Dennis could trade customer funds.

30 years later, Coquest is one of the largest energy brokerage/hedging firms in the country. In addition, they are a leader in the managed futures arena through their various efforts including: Coquest CTA Challenge, Coquest Traders Research, The Coquest 40, and Coquest Traders Institute.

Coquest believes they are uniquely positioned to exploit the growth of managed futures, leveraging their industry expertise to build, promote and distribute managed futures strategies in new ways, such as Mutual Fund and UCITs structures which are gaining greater traction.

“I don’t think there are groups that have continued to invest in the managed futures side,” Vassallo says. “I don’t’ mean investing with CTAs directly, I mean in the whole support and infrastructure—how to take care of managed futures investors. We have put a lot of work and effort into constructing portfolios and understanding traders and the nuances in their programs. We spent more time doing this than just about any group out there in the last decade.”

Vassallo says, “we are very proud of what we have accomplished in the last 30 years, and we are very excited about what’s next.”


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