2020 CTA Challenge Winner

Discretionary Global Macro Program

Methodology: Discretionary
Strategy: Macro / Fundamental
Sub-Strategy: N/A
Market Focus: Diversified

Strategy Description

The AG Capital Primary Strategy is a discretionary global macro program that focuses on intermediate and long term themes across a diversified set of markets. Top down and bottom up economic analysis is used to establish an underlying fundamental theme which drives strategy position taking. The manager’s objective is to identify broad macro themes across a diverse group of markets and then focus trading the handful of markets where they have the highest conviction. The resulting portfolio tends to be concentrated in nature, with just 3-7 positions held at any given time. The average position is held for 2 months while longer term themes can be held for up to 2 years.

General Information

Management Fee: 2.00%
Incentive Fee: 20.00%
Strategy AUM: $76,000,000
Firm AUM: $76,000,000
Typical Trade Duration:  2 Months
Round Turns per Million:  700
Typical Margin-to-Equity: 10-20%
Managed Account Minimum: $500,000

Performance Statistics

Date Range: 10/14 – 01/21
Annualized ROR: 22.45%
Standard Deviation: 30.35%
Maximum Drawdown: -33%
Sharpe Ratio (0% RFR): 0.74
Correlation to S&P 500: -0.16

Performance Comparison

performance chart 89489

Note: Estimated returns are used for the most recent reported monthly ROR or appear in italics. All performance data is since program inception.

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