2020 CTA Challenge Top 5

Discretionary Global Macro Program

Methodology: Systematic
Strategy: Other Technical
Sub-Strategy: Short Term (days-wks)
Market Focus: Diversified

Strategy Description

Revolution Capital Management’s Alpha Program is a fully-diversified, short- to medium-term program that utilizes a multi-strategy pattern-recognition methodology. It targets a low long-term correlation to trend-following indices. Annual volatility is targeted to 12% based on daily returns. The Alpha Program balances its exposure fairly evenly across all market sectors, including grains, softs, and meats. Approximately 70% of Alpha’s total risk allocation goes to stock indices, currencies, and fixed income, while the remainder is distributed across the various commodities (energies, metals, and agricultural products).

General Information

Management Fee: 2.00%
Incentive Fee: 20.00%
Strategy AUM: $671,000,000
Firm AUM: $380,000,000
Typical Trade Duration:  4 Days
Round Turns per Million:  3,500
Typical Margin-to-Equity: 5-20%
Managed Account Minimum: $5,000,000

Performance Statistics

Date Range: 07/07 – 01/21
Annualized ROR: 7.05%
Standard Deviation: 11.53%
Maximum Drawdown: -20.92%
Sharpe Ratio (0% RFR): 0.61
Correlation to S&P 500: -0.06

Performance Comparison

performance chart 33714

Note: Estimated returns are used for the most recent reported monthly ROR or appear in italics. All performance data is since program inception.

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