Coquest Call: 2020 CTA Challenge — Bonus Rankings

2020 CTA Challenge — Bonus Rankings

Winners by Strategy Type


For the first time since we began the CTA Challenge in 2013, Coquest is now compiling annual rankings for independent strategy types in addition to the overall rankings. We have identified six primary strategy types to rank, covering a broad range of trading styles for liquid alternative investment product.

Here are the 2020 winners by each strategy type:


TOP Discretionary Macro Strategy

TOP Short Term Trading Strategy

TOP Systematic Non-Trend / Multi-Strategy

TOP Commodity Strategy

TOP Equity Index Strategy

TOP Trend Following Strategy

  • WaveFront Global Asset Management / Global Investment Program *QEP



About the CTA Challenge


The CTA Challenge is a year-long research campaign that aims to evaluate and promote best-of-breed Managed Futures alternative investment products. The CTA Challenge provides active risk-adjusted rankings, based on daily data and analysis, and distributes the results to investors around the globe. There is no cost to register or participate.

In the CTA Challenge, we take a risk-adjusted approach to analyzing and ranking CTA programs to ensure we are evaluating performance and risk numbers achieved as well as performance and risk exposures. Therefore, we are evaluating “what actually happened” and also looking at “what could have happened”. Below are the most recent top 5 ranked programs year-to-date in the CTA Challenge.



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2020 CTA Challenge

Final Top 5 Overall Rankings For 2020


#1: AG Capital Investments LLC / Discretionary Global Macro Program

#2: Revolution Capital Management LLC / Alpha Program *QEP*

#3: Metolius Capital LLC / Diversified Systematic Global Macro *QEP*

#4: Four Seasons Commodities Corp / Hawkeye Spread Program

#5: Teza Capital Management LLC / Systematic Macro Program *QEP*

See the full current rankings here.

CTAs interested in participating, or investors interested in learning more about CTAs and Managed Futures investment strategies, should contact Coquest and the CTA Challenge by clicking here.